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We, Techies India Inc. specialize on Ruby on Rails framework. We have a good experience and knowledge in Ruby on Rails application, the development of web sites using Ruby on Rails and its supported technologies. Our competency in Ruby on Rails has proven its mettle by way of significant volume of projects that were delivered using Ruby on Rails framework.

All major benefits of Ruby on Rails (such as MVC environment, non redundant coding and active record pattern of relational databases) are transitioned to your project by our skilled web developers. You can thus reap the immense benefits to your business and boost visibility of your product lines using the Ruby on Rails framework. One of the other critical benefits that this framework has to offer is the time advantage of performing complex operations through simple and short coding, thus giving you the double gain of coming out with better performing codes in a shorter span of time.

Ruby on Rail (ROR) follows the MVC architectural pattern that helps separate out the business logic from the actual programming and thus keep codes neat and tidy. This results in fewer codes, lesser testing time and faster development. Our team of developers exploits this advantage shrewdly to deploy websites that are easily scalable in future and offers lesser hassles when re-visiting the program code later on.

Right from the development, conversion, GUI design to deployment, our Ruby on Rails team stays with you so that the final product precisely matches the preliminary requirement. At every stage of the project development, we always contact our clients, so they can supervise our work. This helps us in perfectly delivering what the client wants and needs. All this and much more within the turn-around time and without compromising the quality of the final product in any manner. Our rigorous process adherence methods include clean coding, intensive documentation, post-delivery support and ensuring cross platform compatibility. Thus we ensure delivery of extremely powerful websites at a fraction of the cost.

Our team of developers conducts a preliminary review of your business requirement and objective of the website. They then go on to suggest value add measures and then proceed with the actual development work. All this while, they keep a sharp eye on your requirement to avoid deviations.
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