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Why Magento?

Magento is the biggest ecommerce development platform with downloads crossing the 4 million mark in 2012. Magento is the preferred service of choice when it comes to growing your online business, with backing from 100,000+ merchants across the globe including major players such as Lenovo, Pentel and T-Mobile. Its robust infrastructure for your online ecommerce business operations means that Magento not only facilitates a sturdy online retail platform but also easy coordination with other vital components of the ecommerce domain such as payment gateways, inventory management systems and integration with leading websites, such as Google and eBay, thus providing you with holistic ecommerce solutions on the Web.

Techies India Inc. and Magento

Techies India Inc. (TII) has a dedicated Magento consulting and development team with competency in developing robust, stable, secure and completely scalable ecommerce websites. With the below business critical advantages offered by our Magento enabled consulting and development services, Techies India Inc. helps add significant value to your business:

Scalable solutions

TII fully understands that your website needs to add in more functionality and capacity as your organization expands and offers 100% scalability options where you can scale up or scale down your website’s capacity through Magento.

Marketing integration

TII’s Magento expertise also allows you to effectively market your brands and services through its easy integration with some of the most popular tools for email marketing and social media marketing such as Google, Twitter and Facebook.

Ecommerce integration

When doing online shopping the customer should not only have a good interface, but also offer total security when make online transaction for purchasing these products. TII’s skilled team of web developers ensures that your site provides end-to-end solutions including payment integration, logistics, and inventory and ERP systems.

Technologically compatible

With the boom in mobile ecommerce, newer avenues are opening up in the way we conduct online retail transactions. Techies India Inc. and its team of professionals continuously updates it technological expertise to offer you the latest and best in Magento solutions on the mobile platform. With compatibility of its feature rich web apps with iPhone, iPods and tablets, your business transcends technological boundaries to add to your bottom lines.