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eCommerce Web Design

We are a Team of intense and adroit eCommerce Web Designers. Our expertise and proficiency is proved when we triumph to etch a perfect visage of your brand online. We analyze and understand your Value Proposition and focus on designing a customer friendly interface that not only enhances your sales but also helps your business grow extensively.

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Landing Page Design

Designing a landing page is an art and we are the masters. We focus on your target audience and ensure new-age designs to intensify your web presence. Our Goal is to embellish your landing page with enriched design that propels your visitor to become your customer giving you optimum return on your investment on us.

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Mobile App Designs

With expertise in building amazing user interfaces, we are the architects, designers and developers of the best mobile apps and strategic digital solutions in today's rapidly changing technological world. We help your business to have a web presence felt everywhere and give it an edge over competition.

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Responsive Web Design

We design your website with an approach to allow your website optimally adapt to the dimensions of the devise and conform itself to adjust easily. Website responsiveness enables efficiency in the performance in terms of effective navigation, visibility of text and images in adherence to the screen on which your website is viewed.

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Our Design Team

Meet our most creative and strategic Ninjas delivering best customised designs.

Surinder Maurya

Senior UI/UX Developer


Gourav Verma

UI/Graphic Designer

Go Verma

Anoop Kumar

UI/Graphic Designer


Ram Narayan

Graphic Designer


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With Techies you know that you are getting a combination of experience, professionalism, and talent. We have been working with many different programmers on Elance for the past 6 years and Techies is by far the best Web Development Company we have come across.

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