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We, at Techies India Inc. come across as a reliable and professional Internet marketing company to enable smart tools and webvertising for delivery of strong Internet marketing strategies to attract relevant target audience and search engine bots. Backed by an extensive experience over the years, TII’s Internet marketing experts are well equipped with an in depth knowledge of SEO and other related tools in Internet marketing.

When it comes to increasing the traffic rate of your website, we do not stick to just a single Internet marketing plan. Instead, we follow multiple strategies and make sure that your website gets maximum promotional exposure in the targeted market.

Read on to see How TII is helping your business to increase traffic/sales through our Internet marketing services as below:

Pay Per Click (PPC):

Our SEO experts pick the right PPC keywords after a rigorous and thorough assessment of the nature of your business for a positive boost in website traffic through Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Google AdWords.

Social Media Optimization (SMO):

TII enables smart SMO through microblogs, podcasts, tweets, commenting and content sharing.

Affiliate marketing:

We ensure appropriate networking of your site with affiliates to ensure performance based marketing. TII also provides strong referral marketing to help expand the reach of your product through reliable affiliates.


TII offers strong capabilities in SEO and provide both on-page as well as off-page optimization of your website as a part of your Internet marketing campaign. Some of the more widely used tools in this approach include

a. On-page optimization
i. Use of strong meta tags
ii. Keyword placement and analysis strategies
iii. Site content optimization
b. Off-page optimization
i. Directory and search engine submission
ii. Article submission
iii. Blog posting
iv. Social Bookmarking
v. Press Release Submission

E-Mail Marketing:

At TII, our experts will utilize email marketing and create economical and compelling e-mail campaigns that would increase your reach in the online market.