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L.A.M.P. stands for the software solution stack that comprises of Linux, Apache, mySQL and PHP programming solutions. LAMP open source framework has now become the preferred framework for harnessing the full potential of web 2.0 applications in the globally competitive market.


Some benefits of going for LAMP technology include freedom from restrictive licensing practices that fully exploits your creative vision rather than be bogged down by a technology vendor, and extensive use of customizable LAMP features that help in development of fully scalable web 2.0 applications.


We, at Techies India Inc. have been in the forefront in this technology to ensure that our team has perfect knowledge of PHP framework, that will in turn, expand our basket of services on offer. We have the latest expertise in PHP to help bring together your business ideas with a dynamic and rich web interface to millions of Internet users across the globe.
Our experience in offshore software development/maintenance in PHP, Linux and mySQL also opens up newer avenues to present your products/services in a visually appealing and content-rich website that will help align the site to your overall business strategy. The popularity of LAMP architecture can be gauged from the fact that almost half of the web servers across the globe today use Apache server that is the part of the L.A.M.P. software solution suite.


Our team of highly skilled professionals helps take your ideas from concept to functional reality by using the full L.A.M.P. architecture. This ensures your website adapts high quality and maximum functionality that can be easily deployed locally. TII’s proven repertoire includes a large scale Central Reservation System for a European Union organization and our success in working with the associated challenges of complex API integrations and distribution makes TII a preferable partner when it comes to looking for a credible PHP/LAMP solutions provider.


Below are some of the PHP solutions that we offer –

  1. Tailor made PHP applications that will target only your business strategy/domain in order to ensure that you reap maximum benefits
  2. Content Management services
  3. E-commerce and online transaction portals

If you are interested and thinking – “what next?”, simply request a quote and we will ensure that your request is attended to.