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Make the most of your time with investors at Dublin Web Conference


The upcoming 3-day Dublin Web Summit starting November 4th has garnered substantial excitement on the Internet and in the corridors of technology companies. It presents early startups and up and coming technology companies the much needed platform to soar high on the growth path, thanks to the significant investor interest, worldwide coverage and international exposure. In order to make the most of your limited time and huge investor visibility, here’s a lowdown of what VCs actually look for in such a coveted and much celebrated event –

  1. Extremely important – In various order of priority the three main elements that VCs will look for in your presentation will be

    1. Fabulous team

    2. Excellent product/solution

    3. Attractive demand market

In case you are just starting up with a business idea then concentrate on showcasing your team strengths and its future scalability options. For established business VCs will look at how the market is reacting to the product/solution put forth by them.

  1. Entrepreneur analysis – Many VCs vouch for a great entrepreneur who can carry off and deliver upon a great idea. They view that with a good idea, a good entrepreneur backing it with dedication and passion is a necessity else the investment will be a waste

  2. Experience – The one thing that investors truly appreciate is a domain experience that is on a pre-eminent level. In case you possess deep experience within your niche, it is considered as an upside potential to show handsome returns on the VC’s investment

  3. Execution – Upon funding, investor like to see how their investment is shaping up. One of the earliest signs of a good investment is the level of understanding the business has for its clients and how they can bet solve the problems. Past portfolios, design prototypes and solution construct will serve as valuable tools to showcase your commitment to flawless execution

So, good luck with your exciting journey at Dublin Web Summit and see you around.

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