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8 Reasons this year’s Zendcon is going to be special


PHP enthusiasts and developers who love to work with the Zend Framework can rejoice as it is time for the 10th Zendcon. Scheduled for October 27-30 at Santa Clara, CA, the event is a massively popular community congregation of developers and enthusiasts. Zendcon is a great place to listen to PHP thought leaders on everything in Zend. They can communicate and form business relationships too along the way. The conference is a treasure trove of information, insights and inspiration for Zend professionals such as Techies India Inc. You can also exchange ideas and gain knowledgeable insight from intense yet high quality technical lessons. There are many reasons why this year’s Zendcon promises to be truly special and interesting. Read on to know more –

Zend Con 2014
Zend Con Santa Clara 2014

• Zendcon 2014 features extensive discussion about DevOps and industry best practices concerning continuous software delivery, enabling you to automate and streamline your delivery process for best results.

• For those who want to chalk out the perfect technology road map for the coming years and reach business goals in a market that is changing rapidly, Zendcon will be a godsend with a full track devoted exclusively to application architecture, including cloud, mobile and APIs.

• PHP developers need to keep themselves updated about the latest coding best practices, tips and tricks. At Zendcon, you can learn from acknowledged experts in the field from around the world.

• Communicate and share with developers from all corners of the globe, learn about their techniques and modus operandi, and share yours for great networking.

• If you want to improve your expertise, you can avail a 50% discount on the Zend certification exam if you enroll during Zendcon.

• Great technology can inspire and motivate. At Zendcon, you can see demos of the best technology and tools currently being used, in the exhibit hall. Watch, learn and get creative in your own work.

• Keynote speeches at Zendcon deal about current and important challenges and opportunities of the industry, and you can gain insight and broaden your outlook.

• Sign up for the special Zendcon pre-conference tutorials to add more tools to your developer’s toolbox.

Techies India Inc. will be an active participant at Zendcon this year. Write in to us and let us know if you would be participating in the Zendcon this year.

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